Tips to help disguise thinning hair

Thinning hair can be the symptoms of various medical conditions, hormonal issues, stress or can just simply be unexplained. I’ve seen thinning hair on ladies of all ages, have it checked out by the doctor to see if the root cause can be found as it could be something that’s easily treated. Meanwhile here are some quick tips to help disguise the look of thinning hair:

  • Create volume by setting your hair on large heated rollers so that the hair stands up creating the look of fuller hair.
  • Backcomb the roots to keep the hair lifted as this will fill the scalp area with hair which helps to give the illusion of more thickness. More…

Asian bridal hair ideas – plaits & braids

asian bridal plaits
Bridal plait and braid ideas.

 Traditionally South Indian brides wear their hair in a very long plait adorned with fresh jasmine flowers which just smell heavenly.  Mehndi and sangeet nights are also wedding events where I find many brides like to keep their hairstyles traditional with long braids. I’ve created a few designs for those wanting something a little different yet still keeping the feel of the traditional three strand plait. More…

How to do a bun using a donut

Here is a quick and simple technique for long hair using a hair donut to create a soft casual bun. Once you have got used to wrapping and pinning your hair around the donut you will be able to whip this up in a matter of minutes. The key here is to not be too fussy as it’s meant to be a little untidy and soft looking so the look is young and casual.

Attaching the donut
Pull the ponytail through the donut.

Start with your hair in a ponytail and the donut around the base of your pony without any hair grips.


How to attach a hair donut

attaching a hair donut
Pull the ponytail through the donut.

Using a hair donut is quite simple. Start with your hair in a ponytail and place the donut around the pony pulling the length of your hair all the way through. More…

How to tighten a ponytail

A tight ponytail has to start with a tight elastic, but what if your hair elastic isn’t the perfect fit? We all have different thickness of hair so sometimes you are left with not enough elastic to go around a second time leaving a loose ponytail that’s not tight enough to hold. Here is a simple way to tighten the elastic band to give you a secure and tight ponytail. More…

Tips for putting up long hair

Most hair styles which are all up will start off with a ponytail, sometimes this basic initial step can be the hardest, the hair can either be too long to manage, too silky to stay put or just too heavy to hold tight and secure. These problems can also make it difficult to make the ponytail  look neat and tidy. It’s important when putting up hair to start off with a tight and secure base as this is what will be holding everything together so here are some tips on how to get it right. More…