Tips to help disguise thinning hair

Thinning hair can be the symptoms of various medical conditions, hormonal issues, vitamin deficiencies, stress or systemic inflammation. I’ve seen thinning hair on ladies of all ages, have it checked out by the doctor to see if the root cause can be found as it could be something that’s easily treated. Meanwhile here are some quick tips to help disguise the look of thinning hair:

  • Create volume by setting your hair on large heated rollers so that the hair stands up creating the look of fuller hair.
  • Backcomb the roots to keep the hair lifted as this will fill the scalp area with hair which helps to give the illusion of more thickness.
  • Fill the scalp that’s showing with a dark coloured eyeshadow, choose soft dark browns and charcoal colours rather than strong blacks as you don’t want the eyeshadow to look too harsh so gently build up the colour on the scalp for a more natural look. The purpose is to take away the colour of the scalp which is what you see when the hair is thinning, the darker your hair the more you see the scalp because there is more contrast between the skin and the hair colour. Gently shade the scalp without being too heavy handed as you can easily apply too much and end up with a block of colour which will look unnatural. Keep the application along the hair line subtle as the hair is naturally thinner here. Lightening your hair colour can also help to soften the contrast between the scalp and hair colour.
  • Either backcombing or shading the scalp can be used on their own but if you have excessive thinning then a combination of the two would make more of a difference. Gathering the top half of the hair and pinning it into place after backcombing will fix the hair into position and stop it moving throughout the day.
  • Try changing your parting, a side parting will disguise thinning hair better than a middle parting, when standing under overhead lighting the scalp will become more apparent if you are wearing your parting in the middle. If you are already wearing your hair on the side then try the other side as hair growth is not necessarily even on both sides, one side might be thicker than the other, or maybe you could see better results parting your hair a little further to the side than you are currently wearing.

To get to the root cause of why your hair is thinning in the first place it’s important you visit your gp and check if there are any medical reasons such as low thyroid, hormone imbalance, low iron, low B12 etc. If all your results come back normal then it could be useful to see a nutritionist. I’m a registered nutritionist and naturopath, you can see more about what I do on my other website I can help to find hidden dysfunction and nutritional imbalances that could be contributing to thinning hair. You can also contact me here.

Adding highlights into your hair can help create the illusion of more texture and fullness, visit for a directory of hairdressers that may be able to help.


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