Asian bridal mehndi designs

half hand mehndi
Half hand mehndi design.

 I’ve been doing Asian bridal hair, make-up and mehndi since ’96, I’m based in Northwest London (Middlesex) but travel in and around the London area. I mainly do bridal hair and make-up and simple arabic style mehndi for brides but will also do non bridal bookings within my local area of Northwest London More…

Simple bridal and arabic mehndi designs

floral mehndi
Simple floral mehndi design by Tina Prajapat

Traditional Indian bridal mehndi designs are a combination of very detailed and complex shapes and patterns drawn onto the hands, arms, feet and legs. As much as I love these designs my own personal style of mehndi is more simple and Arabic. I love the flowery and leafy patterns of Arabic mehndi, the simplicity allows enough space between the patterns so you can really see the solid bold designs.  More…

Tips to make your mehndi darker

The darker your mehndi the more your mother-in-law loves you… That’s the traditional belief, well we all want to be loved so lets see what makes the mehndi dark!

d1 039
The colour on the morning of the wedding from one of my bridal mehndi clients
Mehndi by Tina Prajapat

Start with good quality mehndi preferably one that’s been vacuum packed as old mehndi will give you an orange stain with no depth to the colour. More…

How to practice mehndi

Final sig transparent copySo you know how to make the mehndi, roll and fill the cones, now what? If you haven’t had any formal mehndi training (many artist are self taught including me) then the next step is to just practice, look at all the patterns and shapes and fills and start trying to emulate them. Start practising on paper with a pen or pencil until you feel you are ready to take it to the next level with real mehndi.

mehndi designs
one of my mehndi designs using henna on paper

Final sig transparent copy More…

How to mix mehndi and make mehndi cones

how to mix henna
Mix the henna, essential oils and water in a bowl to make a paste.

Start by measuring out the henna powder in tablespoons and place into a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of pure Eucalyptus oil, Teatree or Cajeput pure essential oil for every 2 heaped tablespoons of henna powder, add a few splashes of lemon juice and some warm water mixing till you reach a cake batter like consistency. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave for a few hours or overnight. You can read more about mehndi on Tips to make your mehndi darker. More…