Chocolate & cherry black bean pudding

cherry choc pudding
Chocolate pudding doesn’t have to be unhealthy you just have to make it yourself!

Black beans and sweet potatoe make up the bulk of this desert which makes it filling and loaded with nutrition because the ingredients are proper foods! High in antioxidants this chocolate pudding is perfect for the health conscious, sweet toothed dieters and for sneaking healthy food into kids or picky eaters. More…

vanilla overnight oats

overnight oats
Overnight oats are a quick and nutritious breakfast option that are easily made the night before.

This dairy free healthy overnight oat recipe is one of my favourites especially in summer when I’m working long days and need a breakfast that’s conveniently ready made. It’s so simple, healthy and filling, just layer into a jar, pop the lid on and off you go! More…

Healthy apple crumble

apple crumble
This granola style topping makes a much more healthier apple crumble.

Traditional deserts are usually made with unhealthy ingredients containing lots of fat (usually in the form of dairy or margarine – which is even worse as it’s hydrogenated) and refined white sugar which is not only bad for our bodies but also accelerates ageing and can be the root cause to some common skin problems. But if you have a sweet tooth you don’t have to go without the sweet treats in life because you can make all of these unhealthy favourites into healthy nutritious deserts that are actually good for you!  More…

Blueberry and nut baked porridge

blueberry baked porridge
Baked porridge makes a quick and healthy breakfast option.

This is one of my favourite breakfasts because once it’s made there is enough to keep in the fridge for the week making it a quick and healthy breakfast which just needs a little reheating. Porridge is also a great medium for adding lots of healthy ingredient to such as frozen fruits, nuts and seeds. More…