My charges depend on where you want me to travel to on the day, the time you need to be ready for and how many bookings you make. If you send me those details then I can send you back the quotes. It's also useful to send me the dates so I can let you know if I'm available.
The quote that I give you is to travel to your area and do your hair and make-up and any help with dressing that you need. I don't charge for the dressing, just the hair and make-up. It also includes any individual or strip eyelashes and any synthetic hair and padding needed for when the hair is covered. Real hair pieces are not included.
You will need to provide anything that you want to decorate your hair with such as flowers, tiaras, decorative clips etc. You will also need to provide your bindis. If you want to use real hair pieces then you will need to provide those too, I will have some to try out on the trial and can recommend where you can buy them locally. You will also need to provide any parking permits if your road has parking restrictions.
Put your contact lenses in before you start your make-up allowing time for them to settle so that your eyes are not wet.
No, I keep the trial fees separate to the hair and make-up quotes because some people don't do a trial, some just do make-up and others do more than one trial. Trials are held in Kingsbury (northwest London) the full address and prices will be given when you enquire. The times and days are flexible so if you are enquiring about a trial just let me know if you are free onweekdays or weekends and I will send you what I have available.
To book your dates you will need to send the requested amount as the deposit. This is usually done by bank transfer. You will also need to send me the following info: * Date(s) * Time to be ready for * Full address to come to on the day * Phone number * Any additional people for hair and make-up * Email address for your receipt Please note that deposits are non-refundable should you later change or cancel the dates. Once your deposit has been received your dates and times will then be booked. Any other enquiries that come in for when you have booked will now be turned away, therefore deposits cannot be refunded.
I only work in London and the surrounding outskirts, I'm afraid I don't travel internationally.
Yes, if it's with a bridal booking then while I'm with the brides others are at a discounted rate. At present I don't work with a team so time permitting I'm happy to do others along with the bride. The bride will take 2 1/2 hours and other people are apporximately 30-40mins per hair and 45mins per make-up. If you would like to just book bridesmaids and family members without a bridal booking then the quote will be different because the call out fee will be added onto the price.
Yes it's me that will come on the day, No one else works for me.
My make-up kit is predominantly MAC but I also have a mixture of other companies such as Shu Uemura, Urban Decay and Inglot. All of my products are good quality and cater for all skin tones.
I prefer not to display my brides online, but I do have some pictures on my social media and blog.
I have many happy clients that send me Thank-you cards, lovely emails and messages but I don't log them to be viewed by others.
Wtih regards to make-up the best advice I can give any bride is to make sure their skin isn't dry. For a smooth flawless finish with your foundation your skin must be well moisturised and hydrated. Surface dryness will grab onto the moisture content in your foundation and because it's pigmented the results will be a patchy finish. My home care advice is to regularly exfoliate your skin to help lift off the surface dead skin cells that start to accumilate with dry skin. I prefer AHA's and BHA's (Lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, malic acid) as opposed to the gritty exfoliators because the hydroxy acids are more gentle, they unglue the dead skins cells and BHA's clear the pores whereas gritty exfoliators are more rough on the skin and you risk creating micro tears in the skin. By removing the dead skins cells you also expose the fresh new cells underneath which gives the skin a more youthfull glow. Microdermabrasion facials will effectively remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. Start early when trying out new skin care or facial treatments because the best results are seen over time and if you react negatively then you have time for your skin to heal. More tips are on the beauty section on the blog.
Most hair is better washed the day before , freshly washed hair is too silky but if you have greasy hair and have to wash it every day then wash it on the day but just make sure it's dry before we start. It's also best not to over straighten your hair because most hairstyles will require some bend or curl so roughly straightening it so it's smooth is fine just don't make it too poker straight. Have fringes and layers cut in if your hairstyle needs them, if not then grow out your hair and layers because if you are putting your hair up then all you have to style is the hair in your ponytail, layers are short hair so by the time it's all gathered the ponytail can be quite short. You can always add in hairpieces but if you would prefer not to then grow your layers out.
Mehndi is always best done two days before the wedding day because the colour deepens over 48 hours. If you are planning a french manicure then try and do this after you have taken off your mehndi because the white tips can easily stain yellow. If you are planning on doing any waxing then do it a few days before because freshly waxed skin can become irritated with the oils used in the mehndi.
Before you start your hair and make-up it's useful to put on anything that's going to go on over your head such as necklaces on ropes and tops that don't fully open. This will save you ruining your hair trying to squeeze it on after. Put contact lenses in and if you have some spare time you can start getting dressed with all the things you don't need help with such as your bangles and earings etc. Your outfit will be covered with a make-up cape so you don't need to worry about your clothes getting make-up on. This will save you some time which always goes quickly on the morning of the wedding.