Nutrition & Naturopathy

As well as helping my clients look their best on the outside I've also helped many feel their best on the inside too! I've been trained in naturopathic nutrition and naturopathy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine where the focus was on finding the root cause to dis-ease. I can help with many health conditions (not just skin related problems), you can read more about what I do on my other website:  or click here.

Aesthetic Treatments

Flawless make-up starts with flawless skin, below are some of the aesthetic treatments that I do to help you achieve a better finish to your make-up. Smooth out textural issues such as dry skin, open pores (due to ageing) and fine lines and stimulate collagen production to keep the skin looking plump and youthful. If you're a bride or having your make-up done for a special event then start your treatments a few months in advance as a course is recommended for best results and winter is the perfect time if your event is during the summer.

For best results a course of treatments are recommended and exactly how many will depend on a number of factors, so I have calculated single pay as you go prices that are the same as if you had booked a course but without the commitment. Please email me if you are interested in any of the treatments so I can discuss any potential contraindications with you first.

Mobile service available on request, additional travel charges will apply. For more info please email me your location and I can send you back more details.

Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Face £130

Face & neck £150

Face, neck & decollete £170

A facial that incorporates microneedling using a medical pen device with very fine needles that produce hundreds of micro channels in the epidermis. This controlled trauma causes a healing response within the skin which stimulates the production of epidermal growth factors which in turn stimulates the production of your own collagen and elastin. This healing and repair process is what makes this a rejuvenating treatment for fine lines and wrinkles and great for healing and minimising scar tissue from acne and pigmentation, stretch marks and for the stimulation of hair growth for thinning hair on the scalp. The micro channels also allow for deeper penetration of the highly concentrated serums selected during your consultation depending on your skins needs. The deeper they penetrate the better they can work.

The results of the treatment are cumulative because your skin is going through a natural repair process, a minimum of 3 treatments is recommended for best results although 6-8+ is sometimes needed every 4-6 weeks for certain skin issues. The results can last on average for 2 years until your own collagen and elastin start to break down again naturally within the skin. This is where good home care and daily skin protection from free radicals is needed to keep your skin healthy.

The treatment is not painful, only slightly uncomfortable, similar to the scratching of a microdermabrasion (if you've had one). I have never needed to use numbing cream because the needles I use are hexagonal which makes the treatment less painful, using a pen over a roller is also less painful because the needles are going in straight as opposed to an angle.  I do not drag the pen over the skin (which is what most people do), I take extra time to stamp (place the pen on the skin and lift off) this means that I don't risk causing micro tears and to me it's worth the extra time.  I do not draw blood (you don't need to go that deep to stimulate collagen production), there is no down time but it's best to leave your skin free of make-up for the rest of the day. I'd also recommend you use the healing serums and creams for the following few days as your skin will feel a little sensitive and sunblock daily is a must.

This treatment is great for healing acne scars, pigmentation such as sun spots, melasma, PIP from acne, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, stretch marks, cellulite, thinning hair on the scalp and generally to keep the skin rejuvenated with good tone and luminosity (for brides try to start your treatments 6 months in advance).

Glycolic peels

Face £45

Face & neck £60

Face, neck & decollete £75

Naturally derived from sugar cane and sugar beets glycolic acid is one of the most popular non-invasive treatments with no down time and no peeling. I use the Epiderma5 range which is a UK company, it's a 40% glycolic acid peel that's buffered with botanicals to mitigate irritation. Glycolic acid is the smallest molecule out of all the AHA's allowing it to penetrate the skin at the deepest level. The top layer of dead skin cells are able to dissolve by the weakening action that glycolic acids have on the binding properties of the lipids holding the dead skin cells together. This reveals the underlying new skin cells which makes the skin look fresh and glowing and also allows your skin care to penetrate deeper into the skin where it can work rather than being absorbed by the top layer of dead skin where it will sit doing nothing. This exfoliating action also helps brighten pigmentation and with keeping the pores clear of dead skin cells which helps with acne (excess oil+dead skin cells+bacteria=acne). Glycolic acid also helps with regulating the sebaceous glands balancing both oily and dry skin and with tightening open pores due to ageing. The anti microbial actions help to control acne and the skin resurfacing effects improve fine lines, tone and textural problems.

Problem skin conditions can have weekly treatments for 1 month and then move on to monthly treatments. Glycolic treatments can also be combined with microneedling but not within the same session. This is also a popular treatment with brides because your make-up looks exceptionally smooth after having a skin peel but like with microneedling it's best to start these a few months before the wedding. There is no down time and no skin peeling but it's best to avoid make-up for the rest of the day and use the healing creams for the next few days along with sunblock every day.