How to practice mehndi

Final sig transparent copySo you know how to make the mehndi, roll and fill the cones, now what? If you haven’t had any formal mehndi training (many artist are self taught including me) then the next step is to just practice, look at all the patterns and shapes and fills and start trying to emulate them. Start practising on paper with a pen or pencil until you feel you are ready to take it to the next level with real mehndi.

mehndi designs
one of my mehndi designs using henna on paper

Final sig transparent copy

Final sig transparent copyWhen you have got your mehndi flow going start putting your own patterns together to develop your own style. Draw around your hand with a pencil and start designing your mehndi patterns.

mehndi patterns
One of my mehndi designs sealed in by laminating.

I found a really useful way to store my favourite mehndi designs until I was ready to do them on a real hand. Draw around your hand on some card and then with real mehndi (no oils added just a water and henna mixture) draw your favourite designs, leave it overnight to dry and then laminate it. This will seal in the design without the mess you get when the mehndi starts to dry and crumble off.


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