Asian bridal hair ideas – plaits & braids

asian bridal plaits
Bridal plait and braid ideas.

 Traditionally South Indian brides wear their hair in a very long plait adorned with fresh jasmine flowers which just smell heavenly.  Mehndi and sangeet nights are also wedding events where I find many brides like to keep their hairstyles traditional with long braids. I’ve created a few designs for those wanting something a little different yet still keeping the feel of the traditional three strand plait.

fishtail plait
Classic fish tail plait.
four strand plait
Four strand plait.
plaited plaits
Multiple plaits.
pony and skinny rope braid
Skinny winding rope braid.
Classic rope braid, this can be made much thicker by adding in more hair for a fuller braid.
rope braids
Multiple rope braids for an interesting textured braid.
ruffled rope braid
Ruffled rope braid for a more fuller braid with a softer more casual look.

Some brides like to wear these type of plaits/braids on the traditional wedding day when their head is covered and the long plait it pulled over the shoulder and decorated with flowers or hair jewels like the pictures below.

rope braid 1
This loose ruffled rope braid can also be place to the side and pulled over the shoulder so its visible from the front for when the hair is covered or simply to just frame the face.
To simplify the flower decorations use rose buds instead of the fully bloomed flower, or mix together like in the picture above.
braid 2
Multiple hair pieces allow you to create interesting shapes that can be incorporated into the braid for something different.
Long braid 1
Weaving plaits together can create an intricate looking braid.
fishtail braid
A more fuller loosely plaited version of the fishtail plait – also called a two strand plait.
chain braid
Loose chain braids draped down the length of the hair and loosely gathered half way.

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You can see more of my bridal hairstyles on my main website along with the hairstyling course that I teach.

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