Tips for putting up long hair

Most hair styles which are all up will start off with a ponytail, sometimes this basic initial step can be the hardest, the hair can either be too long to manage, too silky to stay put or just too heavy to hold tight and secure. These problems can also make it difficult to make the ponytail  look neat and tidy. It’s important when putting up hair to start off with a tight and secure base as this is what will be holding everything together so here are some tips on how to get it right.



For hair that is difficult to ponytail (usually because it’s too long and/or too thick) then consider using a bungee (pictured above), these allow you to keep hold of the hair in one hand whilst you wrap the elastic around the gathered hair with the other. Hook one end into the gathered hair and then wrap nice and tightly around to form a ponytail. When you have it nice and tight secure the other hook by interlocking it into the first hook. If it doesn’t reach then you can also hook it deep into the hair (it should stay if you have it all tight enough).

DIY bungee
Hair band with clips attached for a DIY bungee

Here is how to make a home made bungee, take a thin elastic and attach a hair grip to each side like above.


Start off with the hair gathered into a ponytail, hook one clip deep into the hair.


Wrap the elastic tightly around the hair till the ponytail feels secure.


Slip the clip out a little from the elastic so you can get the right angle to push it deep into the pony, try to make this secure by picking up some of the elastic from the first clip if you can.


This is how it should look when finished, now the hair is in a secure ponytail ready for styling.

hair elastic for thick and long hair
Hair band with criss cross rubber for a stronger grip.

This elastic above is also really useful to have if you have hair that’s difficult to hold in a pony, its got a thin rubber criss crossing around the elastic which stops the band from slipping and sliding out of the hair. The rubber creates a really good grip which helps everything to stay in place. Most of my Asian bridal clients have long heavy hair which sometimes calls for extra elastics to hold the hair up, in this case I usually start of with a bungee and then finish off with one of these elastics to make sure everything is very sturdy. I came across these elastic bands in Asda and they have proven to be very useful at times.


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