How to attach a hair donut

attaching a hair donut
Pull the ponytail through the donut.

Using a hair donut is quite simple. Start with your hair in a ponytail and place the donut around the pony pulling the length of your hair all the way through.

how to fix a hair donut
Grip the donut into place.

Insert a hair grip through some of the donut and run along the scalp towards the centre of the ponytail, push the grip all the way in, this will secure the donut to the hair which will hold everything together. Repeat all the way around using approximately six hair grips.

Your hair is now ready to style, you can mould your hair around the donut to create an easy bun or you can start styling your hair into a more elaborate hairstyle. If you have long hair then see the post how to do a bun using a donut for a quick and simple method. The purpose of the donut is to create some padding which will fill out your bun or hairstyle. If you are not creating a bun then you can pile your hair on top of the donut and pin your grips into the padding rather than along the scalp which will keep the hair style up high.


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