step by step sparkly eye make-up using natural colours

step by step makeup natural colours
Follow these simple steps for a natural eye make-up with sparkling highlights.

Sparkly make-up doesn’t have to be tacky make-up, the key is to use a fine particle glitter and apply it in the right place. Glitters can add more definition to the areas you are highlighting as they catch the light which reflects more brightness into the eye make-up. Glittery looks don’t have to be for bold and dramatic looks either, they can be used to subtly brighten up the more natural colours which would otherwise look a little dull. By adding in a touch of sparkle you can easily turn a natural day look into more of a party look without adding lots of colour or heavy smokey eyeshadow.

This type of look is also ideal for brides that want a more natural make-up but also something that’s not too simple at the same time. It works well for registry looks as it compliments a white or cream dress and also works for Asian brides that are looking for a more natural make-up or those that want to wear a red lipstick without the look becoming too dramatic. I’ve also done this type of look for bridal reception parties where the bride is wearing champagne colours and wants to go for a more softer look to match the outfit.

Follow these simple step by steps to recreate this eye make-up, or try swapping the brown eyeshadows for grey to create a slightly different version of this look.

step 1
Step 1

Start by applying an eye primer (or concealer if you don’t have primer) to the entire eye area followed by powder and a layer of creamy coloured eyeshadow to the entire lid and brow bone.

step 2
Step 2

Apply a medium coloured brown eyeshadow to the socket line blending away any hard lines or edges.

step 3
Step 3

Add more shading to the socket line by applying a darker bronze eyeshadow to the socket line inside the previously applied brown eyeshadow. Softly blend this into the brown eyeshadow so there are no hard lines and the colours merge together.

step 4
Step 4

Highlight the brow bone and lid by pressing on a pale coloured eyeshadow (white, creamy or milky coloured depending on your skin tone). Examples of highlighting powders for different skin tones can be found here.

Step 5
Step 5

Press on a fine particle sliver glitter to the entire lid using a sponged tipped applicator, for small eyes include the highlights on the inner corners too. MAC and Inglot have a nice range of fine particle glitters.

The finished look
The finished look.

Finish off the look with eyeliner, mascara and false lashes. Red lipstick will give this make-up a 50’s look with a modern twist, or if you are not a fan of bold lipstick then natural nude colours will keep the attention firmly on the eyes. If you are looking for more inspiration on eye make-up looks then you can find more ideas here, or for more bridal looks you can visit the main website where I have more of my bridal work displayed on my Bridal Hair & Make-Up page.


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