step by step messy bun

messy bun
Easy peasy tousled messy bun!

This easy peasy bun is so quick and simple to do it literally takes minutes! By adding in a hair accessory you can make it more dressy for a glamorous look that’s suitable for any party, wedding or special occasion.

messy bun
Step 1

Start off with a few loose curls in your hair then gather it all where you want your bun to be, here I’ve done it on the side. When pulling your hair through the elastic don’t completely pull through the last loop, leave half of the hair looped with the ends out like pictured above.

messy bun
Step 2

Using long wide pins start spreading the curls and loosely pinning into place, make sure the pin is secure by sliding it right through into the ponytail elastic.

messy bun
Step 3

Keep spreading and pinning all the hair until it starts to look like a tousled bun, don’t pin tightly – keep it loose and soft so the bun stays full.

messy bun
Finish with a hair accessory for a more glamorous look.

Finish off by adding in any hair accessories for a more glamorous occasion.


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