Asian bridal hair ideas

front style curls
Decorative bridal bun.

When doing Asian bridal hair and make-up I’m often asked by my clients to create decorative bridal buns that will both hold the chuni/dupatta securely (when the hair is covered), create enough height and shape to flatter the chuni/dupatta and have some sort of decorative design for those that have see through fabrics or want to only half cover their hair. If you are planning to half cover your hair then you need a design that is pinned quite far forward such as the hairstyle pictured above so by the time you pin the chuni/dupatta on top of the padded area of the bun there is enough of the hairstyle that’s still visible. Some brides don’t want all of their hair up either so it’s possible to do a half up half down hairstyle and still cover the hair securely without needing to put all of the hair up into a traditional bun for the sake of holding on the chuni/dupatta.

To help give brides ideas I’m collecting some of my hair designs on two pages on this blog, ‘hair up ideas for brides and special occasions‘ and ‘half up half down hair ideas for brides and special occasions’ both of these pages will be updated throughout the year, some of the styles can be used for bridal buns by just changing the position of the style – so if the style you like is at the nape of the neck in the photo it can be recreated higher up for setting your chuni/dupatta. Some of the half up half down hairstyles can also be adjusted if you want to wear your hair down on the wedding day, or if you would like to have a long plait over one shoulder then ‘Asian bridal hair ideas – braids’ have a few braided ideas such as rope braids, fishtail plaits etc. The plaits can be adjusted in length and thickness or incorporated into other hairstyles, for example some brides like to have a ruffled fishtail plait that isn’t plaited all the way down but only half way with curls added to the rest of the hair (so it’s half plait and half curls). So when you see a hairstyle just bear in mind that you can adjust the style to how you would like it without having to change the finished look too much. I usually find this is the case when doing the front of the hair, by changing the parting or adding in a bouffant you can recreate the same hairstyle but adjust it slightly to suit each individual face.

I’m collecting some of my eye make-up looks on ‘eye make-up ideas for weddings, Asian brides and special occasions’ on the blog if you are interested in seeing a few eye make-ups for either the wedding day, registry or reception party. You can also view more of my professional work on my bridal hair and make-up portfolio  which is on my main website here, or contact me here to discuss anything further.


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