sculpted bridal hairstyle

sculpted hair - pink
Swirls of hair create a more sculpted look rather than curly for the bride that wants something different.

This elegant bridal hairstyle is perfect for long hair or with the addition of hairpieces, sections of hair are sculpted into swirls so the look is a little different to the usual curls or folds of hair. This look is suitable for any glamorous occasion such as the reception party or the wedding day for brides that are not covering their hair. For Asian brides that are covering their hair and want to show some of their hairstyle then this style could be piled up higher on the head rather than low at the nape of the neck so the chuni/dupatta can be attached whilst revealing some of the style underneath. A smaller version of this hairstyle would also work for brides that will start off with their hair covered and then want to uncover it later without having to do a hair change.

For more bridal hair styles you can visit my main website here, or visit these two blog pages: half up half down hair ideas for brides and special occasions and hair up ideas for brides and special occasions where I’ve listed and continue to update both pages to display some of my hair ideas.

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