Easy step by step messy bun

messy bun
Messy buns keep the look youthful.

There is a fine line between a meaningful messy and tousled hairstyle and one that just looks a mess, so here is a step by step guide on how to easily create a messy bun where hopefully you can’t go wrong.

messy bun step 1
Step 1

Start by brushing your hair into a ponytail at the position where you want the bun to be, add in a donut for a more higher and fuller looking shape, click here if you need to see how to attach one of these.

messy bun step 2
Step 2

Divide the ponytail into three sections and plait the hair so you now have three plaits.

messy bun step 3
Step 3

Pull each section of the plait loose so the plait is ruffled.

messy bun step 4
Step 4

Now lift the ruffled plait and drape over the donut pinning the hair softly into place.

messy bun step 5
Step 5

Do the same with the second and third section spreading the hair into shape as you.

pin loosely
Pin loosely into place so the ruffles stay full.

Pin the end of the plait with a closed hair grip then loosely pin the ruffled plait spreading and shaping the hair as you go, this way the shape stays big and full.

step 6
Step 6

Close any large gaps by gently hooking each side of the hair with an open pin.

messy bun final
The finished look.

If the finished hairstyle is not even in shape then just pull the sections to loosen the hair up and create more volume where you need it.

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