Tips for creating glossy eyes

purple glossy eyes
Layer two-toned gloss for another hue to shine through.

There are various products on the market to create glossy eyes, some contain glitter particles to give more dazzle, some are clear and others have a two-tone effect (Vaseline also works fine), don’t use lip gloss as it’s not meant for the eye area and may cause irritation.  Here are a few tips to on how to use and layer gloss:

  • For a clear glossy eye apply the gloss straight to bare skin, if the skin is not naturally even then add a little foundation or concealer followed by a layer of gloss.  Don’t apply too much concealer as this will cause the lid to crease quicker.
  • Apply the full eyeshadow look using powders then when the look is finished coat with a layer of gloss, don’t skimp on the gloss as you don’t want to disturb the eyeshadows that you have blended underneath.  By using eyeshadows the glossy eyes will stay crease free for longer.  This is how I applied the look above.
  • Mix your gloss product into your chosen cream colours to thin down the colour for a more transparent look.
  • Apply cream colours to the eyes  first followed by a layer of gloss for a vibrant high shine. For more staying power seal in the cream colours with the same coloured eyeshadows and then finish with the layer of gloss.
  • Mix pigments with mixing medium and finish with gloss for crease free lids, see the post here which discusses this in more detail.

Glossy eye make-up does need maintenance which makes these looks great for shoots as you are there to retouch and smooth out any creases which develop over time.  For more wearable glossy eyes without the maintenance try using cream eyeshadows and skip the additional layer of gloss, this way you will have a more subtle dewy look instead (or use the mixing medium and pigment layering technique).


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