Part-time courses in hairstyling, make-up and Asian bridal

Long hair styling

My hair and make-up courses are available part-time on both the weekends and weekdays in Eastcote and Kingsbury northwest London (full address will be given when you book the course).  They are taught as a one-to-one and are broken down into three hour sessions 12-3/3.30pm. The full course content can be viewed  here.

Weekdays are available throughout the year but due to my availability being limited on the weekends for most of the year I’m only available during the winter months for weekend tuition during the months of November, December, January, February and March. The session times are also flexible depending on my availability. Each session booked is confirmed upon receipt of the full payment, you don’t need to book all of the sessions consecutively, if you prefer you can work at your own pace or to suit your schedule by doing one or two sessions and then continue the rest at a later date. You will need to bring a model for all of the make-up courses, the hair course doesn’t require a model as it will be taught on a manakin head.  The kit will be provided for your use during the class time only, there is no kit included in the tuition fee, this is something you will have to buy after the course although I can help you put this together if you need some guidance.  

If you are unable to travel to Kingsbury or Eastcote and live local to the Northwest London area then I can come to you, I will travel to the following areas: Kingsbury, Colindale, Hendon, Edgware, Stanmore, Kenton, Harrow, Ruislip, Eastcote, Pinner, Hatch End, Wembley, Greenford, Hounslow, Heston, Southall, Northolt, Northwood, Slough, Isleworth, Watford, Queensbury, Cannons Park, Ealing, Rayners Lane and Neasden (or anywhere close to these areas). You will need to have some basic facilities such as adequate space where you won’t be interrupted, good lighting, a decent sized table and unrestricted parking on the road.  

Here is a list of the individual courses that I teach along with the full information, or you can visit the page here:

Techniques Of Make-Up Artistry

Styling For Long Hair

Asian Bridal Techniques

One-to-one, refresher and personal make-up lessons

If you are interested in doing a refresher course or want to learn how to apply make-up on yourself (personal make-up lesson) then drop me an email listing all of the details that you would like to cover so I can then work out a schedule for you. Those wanting to do Asian bridal hair and make-up – this course is broken down into three separate courses so you can learn each skill separately.

I just want to briefly explain the three courses listed above for those that are interested in learning Asian bridal hair and make-up as sometimes this is a commonly asked question.

Techniques of Make-Up Artistry will teach you all of the basic make-up looks from natural through to dramatic and smokey, these looks will be suitable for all of the Asian bridal functions such as the registry, reception, mehndi, special occasions in general and even the wedding day (although I don’t demonstrate the make-up looks using the traditional bridal colours you can still use all the different styles of make-up you learn and just use traditional colours to create various different looks suitable for an Asian bride).

The Styling For Long Hair course will teach you many different styles and techniques that can be used for any bridal function or special occasion, I don’t focus too much on the fact that the hair is going to be covered although padding techniques are included which can be used to create a bridal bun ready for attaching a chuni/dupatta.

Asian Bridal Techniques is an extra add on course that complements the previous two courses, it will cover a make-up look that I would consider my ‘bridal style’ using traditional colours, the hair will cover styling for the purpose of the hair being covered with a chuni/dupatta, this will pull together and add to the previous skills learnt to complete a bridal look.  I will also demonstrate extra techniques only used for getting a bride ready such as how to attach the chuni/dupatta and basic saree dressing for those that want to learn. Towards the end of the session you are then free to either practice the dressing or for those that are already familiar with that you have some time to focus on more bridal hair and/or make-up looks that you would like to improve upon.  Feel free to contact me if you still have any further queries.



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