Tips for applying eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow must be the trickiest part of applying make-up as there are so many fiddly steps involved so I thought I would share my top tips to help you get the professional finish to your eye make-up every time:

  • Great eye make-up is always accompanied with great eyebrows, they frame both the face and eyes and if you get the shape right they can give you an instant lift creating a more youthful look. I’m a big fan of threaded eyebrows as the thread creates a beautiful line under the brow which gives the eyebrows definition. If your hair is fair then consider getting them tinted or fill them in with make-up, I prefer eyeshadows over pencils as they are softer and easier for you to blend, use a small shorted haired eyeliner brush to apply the eyeshadow.
  • Always start with an eye primer on the lid first as this will smooth the skin and stop the eyeshadow from creasing which will keep your eyeshadow on all day (I use MAC Prep + Prime), if you don’t have a primer handy then apply your concealer instead and powder really well. Some primers come in a few different colours, choose one that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, this will start you off with a highlighted base which brightens up the eye area and can make the colours of your eyeshadows look a little better.
  • The key when working with eyeshadow is to blend, hard edges can work on the outside edge of the shape (where the tape is in the picture below) but within the eye area (lid, socket line and brow bone) the eyeshadow should be well blended so the colours soften and merge into each other.
eyeshadow looks
For a hard line on the edge of your eyeshadow apply masking tape to the skin first
  •  As shown in the picture above if you want to create a hard line to the edge of your make-up then you can apply the straight edge of some masking tape to the skin before you apply your eyeshadow. Sweep all of your eyeshadows over the masking tape then peel off when you are finished to reveal the straight edge.
  • Keep the brow bone highlighted, heavy colours all the way up to the eyebrows don’t flatter the eyes. Good make-up is all about highlighting and shading so keep the brow bone highlighted.
  • Always finish off your eye make-up with liner, mascara or lashes and under eye concealer, eyeshadow on it’s own doesn’t always work so if you are thinking half way through that it’s not looking right then keep going and finish off all the make-up as it starts to come together towards the end. This is the main reason that I don’t show my bridal clients their make-up on their trials till the end because the make-up doesn’t always look right in stages but when it’s all finished it really comes together.


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