Crystal deodorant sticks

crystal deo stick
crystal deodorant stick

I’m always on the look out for natural hair and beauty products and have recently been looking for a more natural type of deodorant, I’ve heard of crystal deodorant sticks before but never really took them seriously as the thought of a crystal doing anything for perspiration just seemed impossible. So last week I was ordering some faith in nature products as I wanted to try a new brand and stumbled across their crystal deodorant stick, I would have normally scrolled straight passed it but the reviews for it caught my attention as they were all pretty high and after reading them I became convinced it might be worth a try. So I added it to my basket with the thought that it probably wont work but I’m only wasting a few pounds.

When the product arrived I was keen to try it out especially as the weather was going to be hot and I had planned on being quite active that day so I could really see how effectively it works (or not).  As the deodorant is a crystal it’s naturally dry so it needs to be applied while your skin is still wet such as when you are just out of the shower, or wet the stick directly under the tap and then apply to the under arms.

At the end of the day I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked! So how does it work? It contains Ammonium Alum which is a natural mineral salt found encrusted on rocks, it has natural anti bacterial properties which means that it inhibits the growth of bacterial which are naturally present on the skin.  It’s the waste that the bacteria excrete after digesting the sweat that produces the odour, so by inhibiting the bacteria the body is still able to control body temperature and excrete toxins through sweating but without the odour produced by the bacteria. The crystal doesn’t block the pores or have a fragrance to mask the smell it just simply stops the bacterial from multiplying on the skin which naturally happens when we sweat.

I’m very impressed with the crystal stick deodorant and am convinced that one natural ingredient must be better than a product with a long list of chemicals.


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