How to use mixing mediums

makeup mixing mediums
Alcohol-free, eyeliner and mascara mixing mediums

MAC mixing mediums: alcohol-free (for painting on the face and body), eyeliner and mascara.

MAC do some great mixing mediums which can be mixed with pigments to create your own paint, eyeliner or mascara. This is a great addition to your kit because it eliminates the extra weight of carrying around products that you don’t really need but if you unexpectedly need a blue mascara or green eye liner then you could easily mix it up. This also makes your pigments more versatile, one pot of colour can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and paint for any type of design work on the face or body.  Once the mixing mediums have dried they become waterproof, smudge and rub proof!

eyeliner mixing medium
Gold pigment mixed with the eyeliner mixing medium

Take your chosen mixing medium, add a few drops or squeeze a small amount from the tube (about 1cm), then add some of your pigment, mix together with a brush on a palette then apply to the skin or lashes. If you are applying mascara then I would recommend applying the mixture with a flat mascara brush as it will be easier to pick up off the palette, if you don’t have one then any flat brush will work too.

mascara brush
mascara fan brush

This is my favourite flat mascara brush from Supercover.

gold makeup
The gold eyeliner mixture

This is the eyeliner mixing medium with a gold pigment, for more sparkle dab on some gold glitter whilst it’s still wet.


This is what I used on the front cover above, you can blend the edges that you have painted on the skin but you have to be quick as it dries quite fast and once it has dried you won’t be able to move it!


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