Step by step side swept party hairstyle

party hair style
How to create this look in a few easy steps.

Today I’m sharing a simple step by step party hairstyle that most people should be able to recreate on themselves or family and friends, it’s casually swept to the side with plaited details that give it a more dressy finish making it suitable for registry and wedding receptions or just parties in general.

It can be harder to style your own hair when compared to doing your own make-up because you can’t see or reach around to the back of your head but with a few mirrors in the right position it can really help. If curling your hair is too difficult then just do a straight hair version.

party hair step 1
Step 1

Start by curling your hair using either a tong, straighteners or rollers – whichever is easier, the size of the curl will change the finished look a little so if you want it to look soft and loose just use a large tong or roller. If your hair is naturally wavy then a scrunch dry with a diffuser attachment is a quicker way to put some curls into your hair or just recreate the look with straight hair.

party hair 2
Step 2

Plait some hair from the temple area on the side where you want the hair to be gathered, secure with an end elastic and place a hair grip into the hair to hold into place (you can see the end of the black hair grip where I’ve placed it in the picture above). The hair won’t be secure at this stage but by the time the other side is joined in the two sides will be holding each other together.

party hair 3
Step 3

Now plait another piece of hair from the other side at the temple area and secure with an end elastic, softly drape round to join the other plait on the side, grip this second plait into the first one hooking the grip into the end elastic like pictured above.

party hair 4
Step 4

Repeat the step above with a second plait this time interlock the plait by placing a grip in both of the end elastics from the first and third plait. Enlarge the picture above if you need to see more close up detail.

party hair 5
Step 5

Repeat again with a third plait which should now be sweeping all of the hair to one side, interlock the hair grip into the end elastics to securely hold together.

party hair 6
Step 6

Do a final plait under the first one and gently pin with open grips to conceal your end elastics and previously placed hair grips, this final plait should be soft and is mainly to blend everything together. I didn’t secure this one with an elastic because the grips placed above should be holding the extra hair where I need it for a neat finish so it’s softly gathered.

party hair 7
The finished look.

The finished look should be similar to this picture with all of the hair grips and end elastics concealed, the steps above show you where and how to place the hair grips but always make sure that they are well hidden while putting the hairstyle together or at lease finish the hairstyle off by sweeping hair over any exposed grips for a professional finish.

If you would like to see more hair up styles then they are currently being collected on this page of the blog: hair up ideas for brides and special occasions  or for more half up half down hairstyles click here. The bridal hair and make-up page on my main website also has a range of bridal hairstyles.


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