Home made aromatherapy body lotion

aromatherapy body lotion
Natural base lotion with aromatherapy essential oils.

Why smother your skin with shop bought body lotions that are either full of unnatural chemicals or cost a small fortune when you can easily make your own. Essential oils have many powerful benefits for your body both internally and externally so it makes sense to apply a lotion to your skin that will be absorbed into your bodily systems with only beneficial effects (as opposed to many of the synthetic chemicals in most skin care products that are toxic and potentially hazardous to your health). It’s essential oils and plant extracts that are the key ingredients in many of the high end expensive lotions and potions, so learning how to make your own can not only save you money but allows you to pick and choose the best oils to suit your skin or body’s needs.

To get started you need a base lotion, container (I prefer glass to plastic and pump bottles keep the lotion clean) and essential oils all of which you can purchase on line from specialist stores such as Baldwins, I’ve used their Olive Tree Body Lotion and pump top bottles and they also sell a good range of essential oils too. Depending on the size of the bottle you are using you will need to change the number of essential oil drops you use, for a body lotion I like to roughly use 2 drops of essential oil per 5 ml of base lotion (that’s the total number, so if you are using 3 different oils then further divide this down eg 20 ml of base lotion would be up to a total of 8 essential oil drops which is 2-3 drops of each oil).  For stronger scented oils I will use less depending on the oil I’m using as I find geranium and chamomile for example very overpowering so I will add around 1 drop per 10 mls or just go by smell.

The following essential oils along with some of their therapeutic properties were used for the body lotion pictured above:

Sandalwood – I love the smell of sandalwood, it’s a very relaxing oil with sedative properties which helps to sooth tension, aid sleep and relive anxiety. It has a purifying and anti inflammatory action on the kidneys when massaged into that region and can also be helpful with chest infections and sore throats. Sandalwood is a good balancing oil particularly for dry and dehydrated skin with antiseptic and antiphlogistic properties (reduces inflammation).

Lavender – Has a sedative action on the heart which can help to bring down high blood pressure and relieve insomnia. Benefits the respiratory and menstrual system and has a very balancing effect on most skin types, it promotes the growth of new skin cells and has a very healing effect on the skin in cases of burns, acne and eczema.

Basil – Thought to be particularly beneficial for headaches and migraine, also effective with clearing the sinuses and benefits the respiratory system.

A few drops of vitamin E was added for its antioxidant properties and grapefruit seed extract was also added for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties (which can also further preserve the shelf life of your lotion).



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