How to keep oily skin matte

You might not be able to stop your skin from producing oil but there is a lot you can do to to help absorb it once it has reached the surface. Starting with freshly cleaned skin apply a light moisturiser suitable for oily skin, you might be thinking that you don’t need to but even oily skin needs moisturising (you can sometimes over produce oil if your skin feels no moisture after you have cleansed it). Its also nice to have a barrier between your skin and your make-up.

matte makeup products
These are my two favourite products that I buy for my kit to help keep oily skin nice and matte all day long.

If you are using a primer then apply that followed by a shine control product such as MAC Matte in the oily areas.  This is a sheer no-shine product that instantly makes the skin look matte. It can be used alone or in place of a primer, under make-up or even on top of make-up, it glides onto the skin with a silky soft finish.

If you have very oily skin you can use a matte finish foundation, if you are more of a combination skin type then go with a foundation that gives you the type of coverage or finish that you want, the shine control products and powder should be enough to control the oil on the T-Zone.  When you have applied your foundation finish with BareMinerals mineral veil, this powder is my favourite as it really does keep the skin beautifully matte and can even be used to prime the skin before make-up in the same way as the MAC Matte.

Everyone’s skin is different, some will break through with oil a little faster than others so the point is to try and delay this from happening for as long as you can with the layering of products.  If you need to retouch later in the day then either of the two can be used, or if you don’t want to carry around products then blotting papers are ideal little packets to have to hand.


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