How to do a quick make-up change

Being able to quickly turn around a make-up is an important skill when working as a make-up artist, whether it’s a photoshoot you are working on or a bride that needs a quick change before her reception party there are a few things you can do to quickly change the look once the make-up is already on.

Start with the eyes as this is where the biggest change will be, clean the eyeshadow off with a cotton bud and some cleanser followed by an eye primer set with some loose powder. If you don’t have the time to clean off the foundation and reapply it then protect the skin with one of the following techniques:

Thick layer of loose powder under the eyes

eye makeup
Place powder under the eyes to catch the spill

Using an eyeshadow brush press on a thick layer of loose powder under the eyes, this will catch the spill from the eyeshadowwhich tends to drop down onto the skin under the eyes and cheekbones. Once the eyeshadow is done, carefully remove this layer by sweeping it off with a brush away from the middle of the face. Make sure your clients eyes are closed to start with to prevent the powder going into the eyes. This is probably one of the oldest techniques for catching eyeshadow spill.

Hold a tissue while you work

If you don’t want to apply anything under the eyes then you can hold a tissue under the eyes going right up to the lash line while you apply the eyeshadows, this can also effectively protect the skin but it will not allow you to hold your pallet or products at the same time so if you have a table next to  you then this technique should work fine.

Silicone shields

eye shield
Silicone eye shields

Silicone eye shields are one of the newer inventions for catching the mess and spill of eye make-up when doing quick make-up changes. Some people are allergic to silicone so check with your model or client before applying it to their skin. The silicone sticks to the skin without disturbing the foundation underneath, the additional benefit of the silicone is that it allows you to touch or lean on the face if you need to. When you are finished just peel it off and wipe the silicone clean, they come in a set of two and are reusable.

I usually like to remove strip lashes before the make-up change and then reapply them after the make-up is finished, if you don’t remove them or  have individual eye lashes already on then make sure you clean the top of the lashes with some mascara and a flat brush as the lashes will catch a lot of the eyeshadow spill and depending on the colour and amount of sparkle it will sit on top of the lashes and be visible leading to a messy finish.

If you don’t have enough time left to completely remove the foundation then you can either reapply concealer to any areas where it’s needed or just clean off the the patches that need to be redone and then reapply blending into the edge of the previous foundation.  If you cant remove the lipstick due to staining on the lips then you can block the previous colour out by applying concealer straight over the lips and then applying the lipstick.


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