Step by step loosely draped knotted hairstyle

knotted hair style
This loosely draped knotted hairstyle is quite easy to do with a few simple steps.

Sometimes bridal hairstyles can look very complicated when in fact they are not that difficult to do, by following these few simple steps you should be able to recreate this look with long hair or added hair pieces if the hair you are working on is too short.

Step 1
Step 1

Start by dividing the hair into two sections, one third of the hair in the top ponytail and the other third in the second ponytail underneath.

step 2
Step 2

Clip the top ponytail out of the way then divide the bottom ponytail into two sections doing a loose knot with each piece. Keep the tension loose so it drapes then grip the end up near the hair elastic.

step 3
Step 3

Take a section from the top ponytail and do a loose plait, further loosen it by pull at the sides to create soft loops.

step 4
Step 4

Wrap this loosened plait over the top of the upper ponytail and pin into place so it’s secure.

step 5
Step 5

Divide the ponytail into four equal sections and do the same loose knot with each piece as you did with the lower ponytail.

step 6
Step 6

Keeping the tension loose, softly drape each piece down onto the nape of the neck and securely grip into place.

The finished look
The finished look.

Finish by decorating with a hair accessory.

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