My favourite product for dry lips

8 hr cream
Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is my go to product for dry cracked lips or even just dry rough skin. Its the best product that I have found for keeping lips moist and it actually penetrates the skin, I’ve tried quite a few lip products over the years and found that they either just sat on top of the lips, felt too waxy or came off too quickly. If your lips are feeling dry and starting to crack then apply this product liberally for best results. If you want to wear lipstick then apply the Eight Hour Cream followed by your lipstick then finish with another layer of Eight Hour Cream to really lock in the moisture and in place of lip gloss to finish with a shine.

This product is in both my kit and my handbag, I try to buy it whenever I’m travelling and passing through duty free as it’s a bit cheaper! If you are using it for your lips then the tube is really big and does end up lasting you a long time.


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