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Lash Lift
Before and after a Lash Lift treatment.

Who doesn’t want fuller longer lashes, as a make-up artist I’ve rarely ever finished off someone’s make-up without adding some false lashes. There’s various ways to add more length and thickness to your lashes, the simplest way is to use eyelash curlers but they don’t usually last more than a few hours before the lashes start to drop. For longer lasting options there’s semi-permanent lashes where you can have each of your own lashes bonded with a single false lash. The results are thicker, longer lashes that seamlessly blend into your own, leaving no tell tale signs that the lashes aren’t yours! The down side is they need to be in-filled regularly and require you to be very careful when washing the eye area, sleeping and applying make-up.

Lash lifts give you the best of both worlds – you have a similar effect to using an eyelash curler but the effects are more permanent. You also have the freedom to do whatever you want with your lashes after the first 24 hours. It’s also cheaper, quicker and the results last longer than semi-permanent lashes. Lash lifts are perfect for those going on holiday as the lift makes your lashes more noticeable so there’s no need for mascara if you’re going swimming or doing water sports. If you’re getting married and don’t like the idea of wearing false lashes then you can get a similar natural look by having a lift done before your big day.

Lash technician Rita has provided these step by step photos to explain the process of lash lifting. “Not many of my clients get their lashes done just the once for a special occasion, most love the results so much that they come back for another lift when their lashes start to return to normal”.


Top and bottom eyelashes are separated.

When you first get your lashes lifted your lash technician will take you through a consultation so you can discuss the finished look you’re hoping to achieve. There’s a choice of roller sizes to choose from, smaller rods will give your lashes a much higher lift resulting in a more wide eyed look. Larger rods will give you a more natural curl suitable for those that want a more subtle look.

Once you have agreed on the type of lift you want your lashes are cleaned and eye shields are placed under your upper lashes separating the top lashes from the bottom ready for the treatment.


Adhesive is applied to the lashes and silicone rod.

Next a Silicone rod is placed on the eye lid and the lashes are brushed upwards using an adhesive until all of the lashes are stuck into place.


Perming lotion is applied next.

A special eye safe perming solution is then applied close to the roots and mid length of the lashes. The solution doesn’t touch the water line and isn’t needed on the ends of the lashes. This is left for approximately 12-15 minutes, during this time the solution is softening the natural bond in the eye lash which makes it able to be molded into a new shape.


Fixing Lotion is applied.

Once the lashes have been successfully lifted the perming lotion is removed and a fixing lotion is then applied which sets the new structure of the lash. This setting lotion is then left on the lashes for 12-15 minutes.

Finally the fixing lotion is then removed and the lashes are detached gently from the rod using an oil which also gives the lashes a nourished coating to keep them in a healthy condition.


Lash Lift
Eyelash tint can be applied for a finishing touch.

As an optional extra you can have your lashes tinted after the fixing lotion is removed. Depending on the natural colour of your lashes you can choose from a range of tints such as brown, black, blue/black. This added extra is worth adding in if your lashes are fair as it only takes a few more extra minutes while you’re on the beauty couch but the results will be much more impressive. After the treatment you need to leave your lashes free of make-up and eye products for 24 hours. After then you are free to apply mascara although many people choose a lash lift because it leaves your lashes looking fabulous without mascara!


Beautiful before and after results of lash lift and tint.

The result of a lash lift is pretty amazing and will last you approximately 6-8 weeks depending on the natural growth cycle of your lashes.

There’s no type of maintenance required, no need for eyelash curlers, you don’t need to worry about swimming, sleeping or being careful washing your eyes like you do with eyelash extensions. Your lashes with or without mascara will be longer and fuller looking, they will make your eyes look bigger and more open which creates a  youthful wide eyed look. Rita says “Be prepared for compliments after your first lash lift,  my clients always say when they come back how family and friends notice something different, they think they’ve had eyelash extensions, changed their make-up, or just comment how they look refreshed”.

Rita is a lash technician based in Ruislip (off Field End Road) and works from her ladies only home salon, she’s currently offering lash lift and tint for £35 If you’re local to the Ruislip/Eastcote area and would like to make an appointment then you can contact Rita on 07834760871 or by email


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