My favourite red lipsticks

red lipgloss

Red lips have become quite popular over the last few years due to the 50’s look becoming a bit of a trend. I’ve done hundreds of red lips since doing Asian bridal make-up as many brides wear red on their wedding day to match their outfits which range from bright red through to dark maroon. Here are a few of my most popular red lipsticks:

matte red
Matte red lips using MAC Ruby Woo

Matte is probably the safest when it comes to a lipstick that’s going to last you all day as they are dryer which helps them to sit well on the lips however they are not the best choice if your lips are already dry. Start by lining the lips with MAC lipliner in Redd continue to fill the entire lips in with the liner to create a good base for your lipstick, finish by applying the MAC lipstick Ruby Woo.

MAC dubonet
MAC Dubonet lipstick

This is my most popular colour from my red lipstick collection and tends to suit most skin tones, sometimes I use this lipstick as a base and then mix in other colours to create a slightly brighter or deeper shade. Start by lining and filling in your lips with MAC Mahogany lip pencil then apply MAC Dubonet lipstick on top.

lipmix in red
Enhance your lipstick using MAC lipmix pigments

This lipstick was enhanced using MAC lipmix pigment in Crimson. These are highly pigmented creams that can be mixed into lipsticks to make or intensify your own colours.

red gloss
glossy red lips

Coat your lips with a clear gloss such as MAC Lipglass in Clear to turn your red lips glossy but be careful how much you apply as it’s probably the most difficult colour to wear all day without the lip line bleeding. Gloss transfers easily and because the colour is so strong it will be very noticeable if it smudges or starts coming off. If you choose to wear glossy red lips then be prepared to touch them up throughout the day and don’t apply the gloss too thick or it will bleed around the edges quite quickly. When doing Asian bridal make-up I usually don’t recommend red gloss as it may not stay sharp and fresh looking due to the length of the ceremony. Guests hugging and kissing you can also increase the chance of the lipstick getting smudged and any hair that’s out around your face has a chance of getting blown onto your lips by the wind which can lead to the gloss being spread across your face. If you are wearing a traditional hooped nose ring then this can also touch the lips throughout the day and possibly move the lipstick beyond the lip line. So if you choose to wear red gloss then wear it cautiously.

The post How to make your lipstick last longer will give you more tips on how to apply lipstick.


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