Hair & Makeup Artist Training DVDs

By Tina Prajapat

All 3 training dvds have been designed for those with no previous knowledge or those who have experience and would like to either refresh or further their skills. The training on all 3 dvds start from the basics and work up to more advanced techniques, therefore you can follow the dvds at your own pace. The dvds have been designed to complement each other so they can be used as a set of 3 for those who would like to be competent in all 3 areas of hair, make-up and Asian Bridal. Also ideal as a training aid for those who are currently learning at college, would like to learn for their own personal use, interested as a hobby or would like to learn more techniques and have a permanent reminder for future reference.

Techniques Of Make-Up Artistry £25 Plus post & packing

Techniques Of Make-Up ArtistryA total of 8 different make-up looks demonstrated on 4 different race models (black, asian, oriental and caucation) so you can learn how to work with different skin tones and features, all the technique taught can also be applied to anyone. Packed full of tips and techniques used by top make-up artists with the teachings suitable for both regular make-up application and photographic work along with close-up shots when working on the eyes so you can view all of the fine details.

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Styling For Long Hair £20 Plus post & packing - OUT OF STOCK

Styling For Long HairStyling for Long Hair A total of 4 hair styles are shown from start to finish with close-up shots for detailed viewing. All the hair styles demonstrated are suitable for brides and any special occasion hair-up.

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Asian Bridal Techniques £20 Plus post and packing - OUT OF STOCK

Asian Bridal TechniquesThe purpose of 'Asian Bridal Techniques' is to demonstrate on an asian model 2 main bridal looks. The first looks is a natural registry style make-up, the second is a more defined traditional bride. A few more make-up looks and techniques specific to Asian Brides are also included along with chuni/dupatta fitting. Photographic techniques are also referenced throughout the dvd for those brides who are concerned about their make-up being photographic. Close-up shots are also shown for fine detailed viewing. The hair styling methods on this dvd are for the purpose of covering the hair, for more hair styles refer to 'Styling For Long Hair'. For reception make-up and other make-up looks refer to 'Techniques Of Make-Up Artistry'.

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