All about airbrush make-up

airbrush makeup
Airbrush make-up, compressor and air gun.

Airbrush make-up (not to be confused with airbrushed photos as this doesn’t equate to the same finished result) involves blowing the make-up onto the skin through an air gun/airbrush which is connected by a hose to a compressor which powers the air pressure (called the PSI). More…

Layering products to create dark green glossy lips

green lips
Green glossy lips

Layering and mixing make-up products can produce some interesting results allowing you to be more creative when putting together your own make-up looks.  MAC Pigment in Old Gold when layered with a Black Paint Stick changed this colour from gold with a green undertone to a deep dark shade of green. Finish with lots of clear gloss to lift the depth of the deep colour. More…

Tips for applying eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow must be the trickiest part of applying make-up as there are so many fiddly steps involved so I thought I would share my top tips to help you get the professional finish to your eye make-up every time:

  • Great eye make-up is always accompanied with great eyebrows, they frame both the face and eyes and if you get the shape right they can give you an instant lift creating a more youthful look. I’m a big fan of threaded eyebrows as the thread creates a beautiful line under the brow which gives the eyebrows definition. More…

Tips for building a make-up kit

I thought I would share some pointers on how to build a professional make-up kit for those who are just getting started. Your kit is never going to be complete, it will be constantly evolving as you keep refining it, taking things out and putting new things in its going to be an ongoing process. It becomes impossible (for me anyway) to carry around everything and its difficult to leave little things out just in case you might need it, so it’s a good idea to break your kit down, have a basic kit and then extra small bags of additional kit for the more specialised jobs that you don’t get everyday. It might take you a while to figure out what you are typically going to use for each job but you will soon start to notice that some things just sit in your kit unused for years, this is when you realise it needs to come out.  If you are doing a photoshoot then try to find out the type of looks you are doing and if possible the model you are working on so you get a good idea of what you will need to bring. More…

How to lighten the load of your make-up kit

After working as a hair and make-up artist for the past 17 years I’m starting to feel the strain of carrying around a heavy kit which consists of a make-up case and a large bag of hair products and tools. I’m always looking for ways to lighten up the load and make it more compact and easy to carry around. Below are some of my tips on how to compact everything down without taking everything out!

how to make a professional makeup kit
All of my cream products transferred into clear stacks.