Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

My charges all depend on where you want me to travel to on the day and how many bookings you make. I donít base my prices on what type of event the hair and makeup is for as I find it hard to justify the difference between bridal, registry and reception looks etc. Everybody wants something different ranging from natural to defined and dramatic yet it all takes roughly the same amount of time to get you ready. Sometimes the difference between natural and dramatic is just simply the choice of colours. It takes about two to two and a half hours to get you ready on the day.

When contacting me for a quote I will need to know what area you would want me to travel to on the day to do your hair and makeup. It is also useful to send the dates and the times that you need to be ready for so that I can let you know if I am available.

What does the price include?

The quote that I give you is to travel to your area and do your hair, makeup and any help with dressing that you need. I donít charge for the dressing, just the hair and makeup so if you donít need any help with dressing then the price doesnít change. It also includes any individual or strip eyelashes and any hairpieces and padding that is needed to create the required height for when the hair is covered.

Is the price negotiable?

I donít negotiate the quotes that I give you as I have to be fair to everyone. I donít want to charge one person more or less than another for the same job. Therefore I donít change the quoted prices. If you make more than one booking then each subsequent booking is slightly reduced depending on the area that you want me to travel to.

What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide anything that you want to decorate your hair with such as flowers, tiaras, diamond clips etc. You will also need to provide your bindi/peer and if your hair is uncovered and you want to add in real hairpieces then you will need to provide those too. I will have real hairpieces for you to try out on the trial, so if you would like to use them on the day then I can recommend where you can go and buy them.

When should I put my contact lenses in?

Put them in before starting your makeup allowing time for them to settle so that your eyes are not watering.

Do you refund the trial money against the quote for the hair and makeup booking?

No, I keep the trial fees separate to the hair and makeup quotes as some people donít do a trial, some do just makeup and some do more than one. Trials are held in Kingsbury (North West London) full address and prices will be given to you when you enquire.

Do you do bridesmaids and family members hair and makeup on the day?

Yes, but at present I donít work with a team of people so time permitting I am happy to do others aswel as the bride. Its takes about 30mins per hair or makeup per person, prices will be given when you enquire.

Is it you that will come on the day or will you be sending someone else?

Yes, its me that comes on the day. No-one else works for me.

Do you do non bridal hair and makeup?

Yes, but I donít pre book it too far in advance like the bridal bookings. Non bridal bookings are taken closer to the date of the event and can only be pre booked 2 months in advance.

What products do you use?

My makeup kit is predominantly MAC but I do have a mixture of other companies such as Shu Uemura, Urban Decay, Clinique, Supercover etc. All of my products are good quality and cater for all skin tones.

Do you have any pictures of real brides?

Yes, but I donít like to invade my clients privacy by displaying them on the internet or putting them in any type of awkward position when asking for their permission. If you would like to see some of my real brides then they are in my portfolio which you can view by making an appointment to come to Kingsbury.

Do you have any testimonials I could look at?

I have many happy brides that send me Thank-you cards and lovely emails and text messages but I donít log them to be displayed and viewed on my website.

How do I book?

You will have to send the requested amount as a deposit to secure the dates and times that you wish to book (you will get a receipt back for this). I donít put pencil bookings in my diary, all bookings are on a first come first serve basis.

When sending your deposit please include the following with your cheque:

  • Your name.
  • Your contact phone number.
  • The full address that you want your receipt sent to.
  • The dates that you wish to book.
  • The full address where you will want me to travel to on the day to do your hair and makeup for the event that you are booking.
  • Whether there are any others also wanting their hair and makeup done.
  • The times that you need to be ready for or the time slots that you have arranged (even if these are rough).
I will then send you a receipt with all of the details that have gone into my diary for you to double check and also have a copy of.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable should you later cancel or change the dates. Once your deposit has been received your dates and times will then be booked. Any other enquiries that come in for what you have booked are now turned away, therefore there are no refunds on deposits that have been paid.

Advice on general pre wedding hair & skin care

With regards to makeup the best advice that I can give to any bride is to make sure that their skin isnít dry. For a smooth flawless finish to your foundation your skin must be well moisturised and hydrated. Surface dryness will grab onto the moisture content of your foundation resulting in a patchy finish.

My general advice for pre wedding skincare is to include exfoliation into your skincare routine. Always cleans, tone and moisturise your skin both morning and night. Donít forget to moisturise the skin around your eyes (under the eyes and also on the brow bone). This will help your eyeshadow to have a nice smooth satin like finish.

Use a facial scrub once or twice a week to help remove surface dryness. If you would like to have facials then start having them a few months before the wedding. This will give your skin time to show any results, or if your skin should react negatively then it also gives your skin time to recover. Donít have your last facial too close to the wedding day, leave at least two weeks just incase the facial draws any spots to the surface of the skin. This will leave enough time for the spots to go down and at least be flat enough to be covered with concealer.

Microdermabrasion facials are great for removing surface dryness leaving the skin fresh and radiant. This is not a relaxing facial as it feels a little uncomfortable but worth the results.

If you havenít found your eyebrow lady yet then start looking now because you donít want to leave it until nearer the wedding time just incase you donít like the shape and need time to re-grow them. Try to avoid threading that leaves you with small cuts from where the skin as been caught between the thread. Ask the person doing your threading to be extra careful. Small cuts will lead to little scabs which will ruin a perfectly smooth finish to your foundation and eyeshadow.

I would also recommend that you donít wax or thread your face for the first time just before the wedding. These things need to be tested out at least one month before the wedding as I have seen a few brides do this and react with lots of small rash like spots, burns or scabs from over waxing.

Unless your hairstyle requires layers or a fringe, donít get them cut in until after the wedding. Layers are just short hair, so if your hair is going to be put up then you need as much hair as possible when you gather your hair into a ponytail. Start growing your hair as soon as you know you are getting married.

If you want to add colour to your hair then test it out now and when you are happy stick to the same hairdresser for the wedding.

When putting your hair up it is better washed the day before, except for those that have greasy hair and have to wash it every day. If you want to curl your hair then donít make your hair too poker straight, so donít use the straightening irons. It is also useful to dry your hair with the parting that you will be having, this will just help it sit well on the day.

Mehndi is always best done two days before the wedding day as the colour deepens over 48 hours. If you are planning a French manicure then try and do this after you have taken off your mehndi. If you have to have it before the mehndi then just be careful as mehndi commonly stains the white tips yellow. If you are going to be waxing then leave a day or two between the waxing and applying the mehndi as the oils in the mehndi mix may irritate the skin which is sensitive after waxing.

On the day!
Before you start your hair and makeup it is useful to put on anything that is going to go over your head such as necklaces on ropes and tops that donít open up all the way. This will save you trying to squeeze it on after your hair has been done. If you have some spare time then you could consider starting to get ready with the things that you donít need help with. You can always be covered with a makeup cape to protect your clothes. This will save you some time which always goes quick on the morning of the wedding!
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