step by step sparkly eye make-up using natural colours

step by step makeup natural colours

Follow these simple steps for a natural eye make-up with sparkling highlights.

Sparkly make-up doesn’t have to be tacky make-up, the key is to use a fine particle glitter and apply it in the right place. Glitters can add more definition to the areas you are highlighting as they catch the light which reflects more brightness into the eye make-up. Continue reading

Step by step tutorial – smokey pink cut crease eyeshadow

pink cut crease Collage

Smokey pink cut crease eye make-up.

This smokey cut crease eyeshadow look is quite easy to recreate by following these simple steps below: Continue reading

Step by Step tutorial – classic smokey eyes

smokey eyes Collage

Step by step classic smokey eyes.

There are various ways to apply smokey eye make-up depending on your eye shape or how dramatic you want the finished look to be. It’s one of the most popular make-up looks and can sometimes be one of the trickier to master as the dark coloured eyeshadows will enhance any flaws in your application or blending. So here is a step by step tutorial to help guide you on creating classic smokey eyes. Continue reading

highlighting and shading the eyes

natural highlighting and shading

Natural highlighting and shading for the eyes by Tina Prajapat

Whenever you apply make-up it should always be done in a way that is going to enhance your features and the way to do this is through highlighting and shading. Continue reading

Tips for applying eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow must be the trickiest part of applying make-up as there are so many fiddly steps involved so I thought I would share my top tips to help you get the professional finish to your eye make-up every time:

  • Great eye make-up is always accompanied with great eyebrows, they frame both the face and eyes and if you get the shape right they can give you an instant lift creating a more youthful look. I’m a big fan of threaded eyebrows as the thread creates a beautiful line under the brow which gives the eyebrows definition. Continue reading