Simple bridal and arabic mehndi designs

floral mehndi

Simple floral mehndi design by Tina Prajapat

Traditional Indian bridal mehndi designs are a combination of very detailed and complex shapes and patterns drawn onto the hands, arms, feet and legs. As much as I love these designs my own personal style of mehndi is more simple and Arabic. I love the flowery and leafy patterns of Arabic mehndi, the simplicity allows enough space between the patterns so you can really see the solid bold designs. 

simple mehndi

Simple bridal mehndi design by Tina Prajapat

Arabic mehndi

Arabic style bridal mehndi by Tina Prajapat

simple bridal mehndi

Simple bridal mehndi by Tina prajapat

dark mehndi stain

Dark mehndi stain on the wedding day

bridal mehndi by Tina Prajapat

Bridal mehndi by Tina Prajapat

dark mehndi

Dark mehndi stain on the wedding day

flowery mehndi design

Floral bridal mehndi by Tina Prajapat

bridal mehandi - stain

Bridal mehndi stain on the morning of the wedding
Mehndi by Tina Prajapat

I have been doing simple bridal and Arabic mehndi for as long as I have been doing Asian bridal hair and make-up (since ’96), I’m based in North West London but travel in and around the London area. Most of my designs are freehand incorporating the Arabic shapes and patterns although I do have a portfolio of patterns that I have designed for brides to choose from if they prefer. The patterns can be adjusted to add a little more or less to suit what you are looking for, I do mehndi for a lot of brides wanting very simple contemporary designs so all of my patterns can be adjusted as necessary. If you are having your mehndi done then you might find the post ‘tips to make your mehndi darker’ useful as it contains some hints and tips for getting a good colour to your mehndi stain. You can see my mehndi portfolio here, or contact me here to discuss your bridal mehndi.


3 thoughts on “Simple bridal and arabic mehndi designs

  1. Hi there

    Just been on your lovely site and am hoping you can help with a few things.

    1. make-up and hair for the groom’s sister – is this something you could do? The wedding is on the 15th October – but as it’s in Wocestershire, it would be an early start from Pinner – would you be available before 9am? How much would it cost? Would you be open to a trial?

    2. Mehndi – for members of the groom’s family.
    Not sure how this works? Would you charge by the hour or by the number of people? Am thinking of arranging this on the October 13th in Harrow / Pinner …

    Look forward to hearing from you,

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