Real brides and makeovers by Tina Prajapat

real brides makeover collage

Before and after makeovers by Tina Prajapat


This page is where I will be collecting some of my real brides and before and after makeover images, they are unedited normal pictures without the use of any filters that many brides frequently request to see. I don’t post all of my Asian brides and bridal hair and make-up work as I like to respect my clients privacy so I have many more bridal pictures which you can view during your consultation or trial if you wish. Click on the collages below to view the pictures on a larger scale if you want to see more details. There’s plenty of hair and make-up pictures along with some step by step tutorials on the blog but if you wish to see my main website then click here where you can see my professional beauty portfolio, Asian bridal hair and make-up portfolio and the list of courses that I teach. The courses are for professional accredited hair and make-up training and personal make-up lessons for those that just want to learn how to apply their own make-up.

I will be updating this page throughout the year… Meanwhile for more eye make-up ideas click here. Click here if you want to see hair up ideas and here if you want to see some half up half down hairstyles.

asian bridal makeover

Before and after makeover using smokey bronze and golds for well defined eyes that still looks elegant.

real bride makeover

Bold lips draw attention to the face when the eyes are smokey or neutral. This keeps the look defined without looking overpowering or dramatic.

real bride pictures

Before and after makeover – smokey turquoise highlighted with gold teamed with natural lips to keep the look balanced.

lina before and after makeover

The same make-up can look a little different due to the lighting. The two brighter images were shot in daylight using a phone camera, the before image and bottom right were shot using an SLR camera with flash lighting which adds more warmth and softness to the skin tone.

Gold eyes

Close up on the above eye make-up.

bridal braid

Bridal rope braid for one of my bridal hair and make-up clients. Puts a modern twist on the traditional plait.

smokey pink eye makeup

Smokey pink and gold eye make-up for one of my brides reception party.

bridal bun

One of my bridal hair styles ready for the chuni.

Olive green

Olive green and gold smokey eyes for one of my brides wedding functions.

Smokey golds eyes

Neutral smokey eyes with gold for my clients registry.

bridal eye makeup

Smokey gold and silver highlighters with a hint of colour for my brides wedding day.

wedding makeup

Hair and make-up for one of my brides, smokey maroons with sparkly silver highlighter and green under the eyes for a hint of two colours to match the outfit.

bridal hair and makeup

Hair and make-up for one of my brides wedding functions.

mehndi makeup

Hair and make-up for my brides mehndi night combining blue, red and gold eyeshadow to match the colours in her outfit.

smokey eyes

One of my brides smokey eyes for her registry contrasted with silver for a stronger sharper look.

pink registry eye makeup

Natural registry make-up using pinks on the eyes for a fresh natural looking finish.

Gina Brar model

This is a raw image of my make-up for one of Gina Brars fashions shoots before I started styling the hair.

braided bun

Tousled bun with ruffled braids on the side.

maroon eye makeup

Soft maroon and gold eye make-up with a subtle smokey corner for defined eyes that aren’t too dramatic.

registry makeup

Smokey plum tones with a touch of sparkle for my brides registry.

pink and orange eye makeup

Ruffled bun with a bouffant for my brides engagement with pink, orange and gold eye make-up to match her outfit. These colours blend beautifully together to create a fresh summer look.

smokey pink eye makeup

Smokey pink and light gold eye make-up for my brides registry with individual lashes for a more natural finish.

lower curled hair

Something different for one of my clients who wanted her hair down with curls, this style works best with long layers as it creates lots of volume to the curls just on the lower half of the hair.

messy bun

Messy bun piled high for a young elegant look.

green and gold eye makeup

Sparkly gold with a subtle hint of green.

registry eyemakeup

Subtle pink with sparkly highlights for my brides registry.

red and gold eyeshadow

Red and gold eyeshadow keeps the look light and bright matching my brides outfit on her wedding day.

smokey silver eyeshadow

Smokey greys with sparkly silver highlights for my brides reception party.


More updates coming soon…



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